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Motorcycle Alarm System Motorcycle Alarm System is an electronic device installed in a motorcycle bike in an attempt to discourage different security threats of the vehicle itself and its contents that can lead to theft or other crime and activates the alerts of impact,move and engine start.
Motorcycle Alarm System
986X 20:9 Widescreen Rechargeable Transmitter Remote engine start and keyless driving Backup battery for avoiding power inter ruption Water resistant ECU Motorcycle battery status indication on LCD transmitter

Low power consumption(<4mA)

Adjustable shock sensor sensitivity via transmitter Out of operating range warning 2-Way transmitter with time display
986L Arming and disarming Mute arming Emergency alarm Locating Anti-Hijack Remote engine start and stop Shock sensitive adjustable
986XO Arming and disarming Mute arming and disarming Shock impact alarm Emergency alarm Research Anti-Hijack Not arming warning Remote engine stop Remote engine start LED indicator Special music reminding Time setting Antenna range indication Shock sensitive adjustment Back up battery (Optional) Motorcycle battery status monitoring
986F Arming and disarming Mute arming Emergency alarm Auto rearming Armed warning Locating Anti-hijack Remoter engine start and stop Keyless driving Shock sensitive adjustable Transmitter programming
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